SilverShop comes with a lightweight core and a number standard features available as additional modules.

Products & Variations

Upload products into the CMS via the interface or in bulk via CSV. Each product is setup as a customizable Page subclass within SilverStripe. Out of the box CMS authors can input pricing, product information and images.

Using standard SilverStripe extension hooks and PHP inheritance developers can extend all built in functionality and add any custom fields.

Product variation's such as color and size, can be added to the product with unique images and prices.

Customizable Checkout

Tailor SilverShop to your individual requirements including support for multi-step checkouts, existing user logins or single page checkout. Drop in new CheckoutComponent instances and modify the entire user experience.

Coupons & Discounts

Display discounts to users or provide unique coupon codes through a variety of configurations. Coupons can apply fixed price or percentage discounts to one or multiple products as well as entire cart orders.

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Flexible Shipping

Add one of the out of the box shipping methods such as flat rate, distance or zoned based shipping fees or implement your own method for calculating shipping.

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Tax Calculation

Calculate Tax based on the users country or implement a flat rate across all your products. Display your prices and invoices both inclusive and exclusive of tax for accounting purposes.


SilverShop supports internationalization (i18n) standards for both the front-end user experience and back-end shop interface.


SilverShop integrates with the PHP standard payment gateway Omnipay which supports over 40 gateways such as PayPal, PaymentExpress, Stripe, Sage Payment and Authorize.Net.


When the SilverStripe Reports module is installed, the following reports will be made available in the CMS:

  • Customer Report
  • Product Report
  • Weekly & Monthly Sales Reports


SilverShop core and our supported modules all contain unit tests and run on Travis CI and Scrutinizer to ensure code is up to standard.


SilverShop is supported by a core development team who can answer any of your questions and investigate any bugs.


SilverShop supports all SilverStripe patterns such as Injector, Extensions and Config API's to make modifying the module as easy as possible.